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Klout’s Effect On The Classroom, Your Career & More

A Klout score, while controversial to many, is becoming more mainstream and carrying more weight in the real world. (For those who care, my own score is currently 56.) Get the latest scoop in today’s must-reads:

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Klout in the Classroom: Grading Students on Social Media Use
By Ryan Thornburg The least favorite part of my job is grading students, so this semester I decided to outsource some of it. In my Social Media for Reporters class at UNC, 20 percent of each student’s grade will be based on the number of points that his or her Klout score goes up over the course of the semester.

Klout Would Like Potential Employers To Consider Your Score Before Hiring You. And That’s Stupid.

By Drew Olanoff Let’s put it out there right now: I am personally not a fan of Klout, which ranks people based on their Internet interactions and engagement on services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

Q&A With CEO of Klout, Microsoft’s Latest Big Investment
By Matthew Lynley Microsoft has invested an undisclosed amount of money in Klout, a San Francisco-based start-up that measures social influence on sites like Twitter and Facebook. It comes as part of a deal that now plugs Klout into Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, as part of its social search algorithm.

Do Klout Perks carry any real-world weight?
By Brad Chacos You may be more than the sum of your parts, but to Klout, you’re just a number. That number’s accuracy is critical for more than online bragging rights. Companies pay Klout to offer Klout Perks—”products or experiences” to encourage high-scoring users to spread the word about their brand.

Why Klout is doomed
By Dan Tynan Your Klout score may help you land a job or snag a better hotel room — but not for long.

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