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Relevant Social Content is Visual, Spatial and Mobile

Today’s article is a guest post by Jason Bean, Internet Marketing Sherpa at Bnpositive Communication.

Relevant Social Content is Visual, Spatial and Mobile

I recently wrote a post that discussed how Major League Baseball used Instagram to really connect with their fans. For that post the main focus was on Instagram and how MLB was taking advantage of the photo sharing activity of their fan base using the popular photo editing and sharing app to create engage content for their own site, and the sites of the other teams involved in the post-season.

What you and your business needs to be aware of is that the “MLB” and “Instagram” are just components of the equation for creating content that can be interchanged as needed (and should be regularly) for your own business goals.

If your business is trying to connect in different ways with your audience, it’s not about coming up with something brand new every time and trying to guess if your target market is going to like it. Just take a look at where your target is already engaged and give them another handle to connect with you and your business. That handle = content.

When it comes to sharing content across social networks and platforms you should remember these three things about what content becomes popular quickly these days.

Social is Visual

Content is more visual now than perhaps it’s ever been. Apps like Instagram become so popular because we want to “see” things around us. Do I really need to see another photo of the Circle of Lights in downtown Indianapolis? No, not really, but because it was something a friend of mine saw and shared, then it’s more interesting because I’m connecting in a way with that friend and their life experience. Pay attention to apps that are already sharing visual content and then determine a way to engage visually with your audience and potentially your products on that platform. How can your business connect visually with your customers?

Where Are You

Foursquare, Google Places and other geo-location based sharing apps aren’t really new, but they continue to pick up speed as it becomes easier to quickly identify where you are in a spatial environment and share your location with others. Literally connecting with your audience where they are can have a huge engagement benefit. Creating and highlighting content that’s relevant because of my location in relation to that content can have a huge value. How can you share content that becomes more valuable to your customers based on their location?

Constantly Moving Targets

I was reminded recently as I traveled out-of-town that our ability to be mobile in this country is amazing and we don’t really give it a second thought. More powerful cellphones, smaller computers and other devices allow us to be just as productive away from a desk as we are in the office (whether or not that’s a true benefit is a blog post for another day).

In less than 24 hours I traveled across three states and reconnected with old friends from high school, college and post-college. I shared text and photo content regularly from my phone to my networks. I also looked for the deals on dining, attractions, gas prices and traffic all along the route.

The point is I’m not sitting still and neither is the majority of the rest of your audience. What content can you share that will be helpful for your customers? Give it to them where they’re at and make it easy for them to find it on the devices they’re using.

Today’s article is a guest post by , Internet Marketing Sherpa at Deep Ripples.

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